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Help us give you the best search results! If please leave your browser to your own use of the site, as well as offer the results in your area. To find my location, you can also manually elsewhere below. I'm so obsessed with Savannah cats. So I decided to search the Internet a kitten, that my husband and they cost me an arm and a leg. Someone has found and messaged him. He claimed to have 3 kittens of Savannah, a free House for adoption. Please note that something had to be wrong when they, who said his name Meià Miguel. All parents would be recognized as a cartoon show. But my son is only 5 months old, so it is not remote. So choose a kitten and of course it applies pressure to make the 3, but I told him he had 1 cat and dog German Shepherd, while no more than necessary to 1. I wanted to pay US $300 for the cat boat. I told him that I would have paid $300, not only a kitten for send. It is angry with me and said to me: I have basal cell carcinoma and need after the surgery. The surgery has all my money! (A tendency to diseases and surgery now) tried to explain the trip to blame, the cancer was basal WTF and I simply said that I have no mercy on you. I have epilepsy and it is not curable. Then kids responded to check (I am JME is difficult to treat epilepsy and seizure could hit at any time) I've always said that not paying $300 to send a kitten. I told him that I am a military wife and I have a baby. Therefore, the payment between the two decided to split. My husband and I asked agreed. So he transferred $150. We wanted to reach the next day at 2. 2 wine and she was not here. I checked my email to see what was sent not a refundable $650 of the cage because he needs a cage for the climate control and we have to pay. My husband and I have immediately suspect. He then asked the shipping company. They hung, when asked why he needed a controlled cage when all levels are these days and because it must pay if it is refundable. Then Meià Miguel said that you could pay $300 in cash and we said no, we must invest $350 invoices to be paid and the rest of the money is in adpost bangkok the supermarket. Miguel meià, then changed his mind, saying that you want to pay $400. Reluctantly, we decided to pay the remaining $250. Thus the roll to the next day may not, and we cast Raffaele Miguel. I've waited all day for the back of your text by me. Finally at around 18. 00 (he received an email from a doctor Phillipe and I know that it has begun the pathetic) argue that Meià Miguel should be placed into a coma by her illness and before putting him in a coma, he prayed and begged that it can say, that I am for the rest of the kittens to pay. (Would I thought that f * cking kidding me?) I was cautious as hell, so I called the hospital. There was no doctor named Phillipe and better yet, there was no patient, called Edward Miguel. So now we are $400, are a family income and have a son. We ate ramen and hot dogs for a week, and until her husband paid off. Pet society, said relocation which would include kittens from 1 month, and if the balance is fully paid. I think it is 1 month, then you will not be forgotten in this context. Don't forget, in this context, because it is written on the wall and is in my phone as a reminder. Beware of pet scams people. It is not worthwhile. Easy to adopt an animal shelter is soft. Or, make sure that the site is legitimate. You have been warned,.